Light the rag. Throw the bottle.

Brands that focus on improving the lives of consumers win. We uncover insights and develop ideas that help them do it.

Free Radicals provides insights, strategy and creative that connects brands with influential individuals and communities. We uncover insights and find opportunities for our clients’ to add value to consumers rather than forcing them to look at ads they hate.

We deliver

Insights. Ideas. Ignition.

We pull insights from key influencer groups to find the business opportunities for our client brands, develop strategy, ideas & tactics that ignite excitement.


Consumer Insights | Brand Strategy | Athletes and Influencer Management & Integration | Experiential | Content Strategy & Production | Conferences & Speaker Series
| Editorial & Earned Media | Visual Identity | Strategic Partnerships

Point of Difference

They’re like Gatsby.


Enjoy visiting your agency’s opulent office? willing to sacrifice some of your budget to pay for it? Wasting less of your precious budget on their Eames chairs and award show galas free’s-up more money to drive tangible business impact so you and your team can get that promotion, raise or bonus.

We’re more like the Bastards


We believe every client deserves a hand-picked team of a+assassins with credible connections to the endemic community their brand wants to reach, not just whomever’s available to work in-house.



Damien Fahrenfort
Chief Community Officer

Damien is a former professional surfer, Quiksilver digital content director, Stab Magazine US Publisher, Co-Founder of mens brand/retail store General Admission, and athlete manager to two World Championship Tour surfers; Jordy Smith and Michael February. Damien’s deep knowledge of content creation & strategy, athlete and influencer marketing, high-end men’s apparel–coupled with his knack for building digital and physical communities around brands is one of the agencies strongest assets.


Chad White
Chief Executive Officer

Chad is a former agency CEO, Executive Creative Director and VP, Brand Strategy with a focus on delivering tangible business impact to clients; Red Bull, Nike, New Balance, ESPN, Disney, Coke, Nintendo, Jeep, Scion as well as endemic brands; Hurley, Dragon Alliance, Sector Nine and Dogtown. more recently, as VP Creative at the World Surf League, Chad led the creative vision for the evolution of the league and led the team that helped grow the audience by 90%. Chad’s role is to ensure that we remain focused on identifying opportunities and delivering growth for our client’s.