World Surf League

own the excitement of unpredictability.


World Surf League is not "Appointment Television", the platform is unpredictable because the league is always
at the mercy of mother nature to provide just the right conditions to run events.

WWSL metrics.jpg

"You Can't Script This"
Use the league's inherent weakness as a strength. Establish the WSL platform is exciting because the playing field is born in the chaos of violent ocean storms, thousands of miles from the event venue. Our athletes must decipher and harness this chaos to compete and win.

Together with Mistress Agency, We launched the WSL's inaugural: 90, :30 & :15 brand spot during the last event of 2015, introducing the "You Can't Script This" campaign to new and existing fans.  


WSL 40 Year consumer experience design study


beginning with the sacred geometry of the chaos that makes our playing field


we designed the structure that delivered the story of the past 40 years organically


fans entered the vortex at year one, as they walked through the space, they wound their way up into the eye where the newly minted trophies were on display for the first time