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“stab in the dark”

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Stab In The Dark: The blind surfboard test. 

Like everything in this world we’re influenced by logos, marketing and the shiny things that surround a product when we make a purchase. How can we get a truly an non-bias review to reveal the best surfboard manufacturer in the world?

We grabbed surfings biggest darling, Dane Reynolds as the anonymous test pilot. Next we gave elite surfboard shapers a set of dimensions and the surfers weight, Dane’s identity was top secret. The shapers delivered logo-less or marking-free boards for Dane to ride, he could only speculate who shaped each. The results were shocking, catapulting the career of the winning shaper.

Dane riding #55 (Shaper here)

Dane riding #55 (Shaper here)

Party Premier at the House of Vans

Stab Fruit Shoot

Stab Wetsuit Advertorial


Reimagining seasonal wetsuit advertorials

Wetsuit features are boring, but the people that wear them aren’t. For Stab Magazines winter wetsuit feature we wanted to create imagery that stopped people in their tracks. Surfers are characters by nature so we coupled the worlds best surfers with the fruit that we thought suited their personality best. Two thousand pounds of fruit, the best neoprene and surfers in the world and we had created imagery that got shared across multiple platforms and changed the way people approached advertorial in the surf world.