Los Cabos Open of Surf


Retool the Los Cabos Open of Surf to attract 5-star surf-enthused clientele to the Los Cabos region
and specifically, The Cape Hotel, the new home of the long-running event.

Solution: “The Soft Top Soiree”
A radical re-think of the conventional surf contest in which all competitors rode soft surfboards. Why? To inject a bit of fun and inclusivity back into surfing and to level the playing field for our competitors. Soft tops burst onto the surf scene a few years ago, and we haven’t looked back, from massive Wedge and 40’ Jaws to fun-size HB and Lower Trestles, they’re being ridden in every condition by everyone from beginners to the world’s best, and we can all agree, they’re just more fun. 

Free Radicals delivered:
Overarching event strategy, content creation, social media strategy, brand and visual identity, onsite branding, contest format, and secured the A-list athletes/influencers for the event.

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